Providing support
for running your business
so you can keep building it

Signature Services

Get set up online

Build your website, set up your course platform, keep your site & app compliant with legal requirements and privacy laws

Behind-the-scenes processes

Streamline and manage repetitive tasks such as email marketing, content creation, social posting and more

Project management

Plan, organize, and direct the completion of specific projects while ensuring these projects are on time, on budget, and within scope

How we can work together

Get set up online

Building a business is hard work. If tech is not your thing, setting up a website or course platform can halt your progress before you even get started.

Whether you: 

- need a website built from scratch, 
- have a digital offer you’d like to share with the world, 
- or simply want to get your website or app compliant with legal requirements and regulations

I can help!

Book a discovery call to learn how I can take the tech headache off your plate so that you can keep serving your customers.

Behind-the-scenes processes

Without streamlined, documented processes in place for repetitive tasks, you're:

- unknowingly spending more time thinking about what to do each time you do something, 
- hard pressed to delegate the work either now or in the future.

Having streamlined and documented processes in place is the easiest way to reclaim time in your day.

Email marketing, content creation, and social media are just a few areas that can greatly benefit from this process.

This will ensure that tasks are completed to the same quality consistently, and give you peace of mind that you can delegate the work and expect top-notch results.

Book a discovery call to learn more about how we can streamline and build consistency in your back-end activities.

Project management

Even simple projects have a habit of growing into more than expected if they aren’t managed properly. 

Time and money are both wasted if projects outgrow their scope, if they don’t get done on time (or they don’t get done at all, and if the team is unorganized. 

On the flip side, the right projects done right can bring money into your business.

Book a discovery call to learn how I can help you work on the right projects and get them done on time.

"For some time, I knew I needed help managing parts of my business that took time away from the aspects I enjoy.

Enter Clarissa White. She understood the problem, fixed the connections, and gave me documentation to know how the systems work. It was easy to meet with Clarissa, and she provided me with a clear contract for services.

She has a warm personality, and I am comfortable delegating projects to her. I’m looking forward to collaborating with her and know it will help me move my business forward."

Kathy Koenig, M.S., NCC

"I keep bragging on you.. Really.. I feel like it's the best money I have spent in a long time.. "