Digital Marketing Services

for Small Businesses, Solopreneurs, and Freelancers
Ditch the guilt and get some marketing checked off your list

Even the best products won’t get sold if nobody knows they exist

You have all the brilliant ideas and perhaps even the know-how (hello untouched digital course collection) and yet, your follow-through efforts to market your business range from tedious to overwhelming.

Let me help you clear some of those marketing tasks from your to-do list so that you can focus on the work that energizes you.

Pricing need to know:

Recurring services including

– Strategic Marketing Map,

– Local SEO Hero, and

– Keyword Compass

have an initial startup fee due to the preparation process required for these services (so that I can expertly align them with the needs of your business), and then have a lower recurring monthly fee moving forward.

Need help deciding where to start?

Get a free consultation where we can assess your current needs and plan out your next steps together.
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