The Opt-in Funnel Setup Workbook Alumni | April 2023

How the first Opt-in Funnel Setup Workbook Alumni came to be

Almost at the end of April 2023, I decided to do a beta launch for my newest product, The Opt-in Funnel Workbook

But what’s a beta launch without a little effort and  a lot of celebration? 

So naturally, I offered an implementation week to any fast action takers to help them set up their opt-ins. 

  • The celebration: an offer from me to promote their opt-ins that they completed using the workbook. 
  • The effort: they only had a week to do it, with practically no advance notice from me. (Next time, more notice, pinky promise). 

The Opt-in FUnnel Setup Workbook’s beta launch timeline

When I say there was practically no advance notice, I mean it. 

  • The workbook was created. 
  • I was simply going to quietly put it up in my shop and wait until my official shop launch this summer to start bragging on all the new goodies, including this workbook. 
  • But on Friday, 21 April, I decided it deserved a little beta launch of its own. 

That way, anyone who needed it right away would know it existed sooner than later. To help folks even more, I decided to host an implementation week starting that Monday, 24 April up until that following Sunday, 30 April. 

Anyone who could jump into action that fast deserves some extra kudos, in the form of me promoting their final work to my email list and here on my blog.

Clarissa’s brain during last-minute planning

The final detail: Submissions had to be in by Sunday 30 April

So I wrote up an email that same Friday beforehand, announced the beta launch of The Opt-in Funnel Workbook, as well as the implementation week and resulting promotional opportunity. The challenge has been made. 

An Opt-in Funnel Setup challenge accepted 

This challenge was started fast, and had a relatively short execution time before the deadline. 

Nevertheless, this fast challenge was accepted and completed by the biz owners below. 

(Please note that I am not personally endorsing these businesses. This was a fun promotional thing I wanted to offer my customers who took action as a result of my workbook.)

Feel free to check them out below, and grab their offers if it aligns with you or your business. 

Want to get your own Opt-in Funnel with Welcome Sequence set up? 

The Opt-in Funnel Workbook is a very thorough and editable (Google Docs) workbook that will lead you from start to finish through your setup. 

Even if this is your first time setting up your opt in and welcome sequence and you have nothing started yet. 

This workbook is broken into a checklist and a detailed workflow.

The workflow guides you through every step of the way, piece by piece, so that you know you’re doing all the right things, in a useful order, without missing any crucial steps. 

The checklist gives you a quick overview, and is handy if you just want a way to check that you didn’t miss anything. It’s also good to use as a final check when you’re all done.

The workbook has space to save your work, as well as offering context and recommendations along the way. It ends with testing instructions so that you know everything is working as it should. 

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